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Why Princeton Review Thailand?
What's in It For You
     • Get the score you need, with a satisfaction guarantee 
     • Learn strategies and techniques based on actual test data and geared to produce higher
        score improvements 
     • Save time by focusing only on the test topics that impact your score the most 
     • Jumpstart your college applications with admissions counseling designed to help you research 
       and get into the best schools for you (at no extra charge)
     • Test confidently with our What to Expect on Test Day guide

What You'll Get: 
     • Talented, dynamic instructors vetted through rigorous training 
     • 4-5 proctored exams, with detailed computer analysis of the results 
     • Official Guidebooks 
     • The Princeton Review Student Manual 
     • LiveGrader SM expert feedback on your essay (SAT, GRE and GMAT) 
     • Access to our Online Student Center   (SAT, GRE and GMAT) 
     • Extra lessons and drills available online  
     • Small classes and personal attention 
     • Unique sandwich and drink bar 
     • Comfortable classrooms 
     • Computer lab 
     • Free internet access 
     • Easy accessibility from BTS Chong Nonsi

We Back it Up
We spend millions of dollars studying the exams, developing materials and training our teachers. We know what we're doing. Some would even say we're "Nerds." We prefer the term "Experts."
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