Students' Reviews
Yosathon Laoprapassorn, The University of Kansas
GMAT & MBA Counseling

"The private tutoring class with David is totally above my expectation. I learned what admission committee looks for in each applicant’s essay, how to brainstorm an idea for each essay and how to effectively organize an essay to be easy to read and look interesting. David is very friendly and truly understands his student. He always works extremely hard in and outside the classroom to ensure that your essay looks perfect. It is amazing that he could point out my values that I did not see but the committee would search for. Undoubtedly, from this class, you will get the unique essay that will stand out from other thousands of essays."


Nipat Liampisan, Thai Chinese International School
Course: SAT   
SAT score: 1950

“It is a great way of using your spare time to make sure that you get the score you want. The small class sizes and experienced teachers make the class very beneficial.
You will find the confidence that you never knew you had and you will also find skills that lie innate”


Supanat Kamtue, Triam Udom Suksa School
Course: SAT

“ It’s great. Ajarn Andrews is lovely, kind and helpful. He talks a bit too fast for me, but I try to get used to and understand. I’ve learned many things from the class, especially a CRITICAL reading test. I love an atmosphere in the class. Moreover, staffs are also welcoming.
Everyone knows the SAT test is required for applying college, and preparation for the test is very important. A proper way to prepare will ease your work. So, make sure to have a good guideline!”


Apitshaya Bunsirishai, Triam Udom Suksa School

“Class at Princeton Review has appropriate number of students. Everyone is well paid attention by the teachers. Class, books and lesson are all well prepared. They have a lot of useful methods and strategies that help me to prepare for the test. Teachers and staffs are also very nice.
 It does not matter how smart you are. The most important thing for the test is preparation. When you prepare enough, you will be ready for the test. Let’s start to prepare for the test right now! You can do it well. ^ ^”


Kamolwat Ratanachai, Triam Udom Suksa School
Course: SAT

“We are family here. My teacher always answers my question and takes care of my education. Moreover, my class also has game for Relaxing and building SAT strategy. I really appreciate studying here.”


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