Students' Reviews

Tanapol Jeraratanasopa (Wern)
Course: TOEFL iBT

TOEFL iBT Score: 108 / 120
Reading:28 | Listening: 29 | Speaking: 23 | Writing: 28

"Techniques for solving reading questions from The Princeton Review Thailand is very useful. I could apply them to solve many problems in the TOEFL reading section even though I didn't know the meaning of several words. For the speaking section, I once scored only 15. However, The Princeton Review gave me speaking patterns which helped me alleviate my speaking weaknesses. In class, the teacher helped me find ways to develop my speaking skills. After many hours of speaking practices, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I, finally, got a good score."


Kittipod Pungcharoenkul (Guide)
Suan Kularb Wittayalai School
Course: TOEFL iBT

TOEFL iBT Score: 108 / 120
Reading:28 | Listening: 29 | Speaking: 22 | Writing: 29

"I had been practicing speaking by myself, but it didn’t work. I was too shy to speak. The Princeton Review Thailand gave me a chance to improve my speaking skills. The teacher gave me tactics to beat the test. Plus, a classroom environment encouraged me to speak English a lot. After I finished the course, I had more confidence. Finally, it helped me beat the test with a total score of 108."


Phailin Santichaivekin (Jane)
Triam Udom Suksa School
Course: SAT

SAT Score: 1440 / 1600
Reading & Writing: 640 | Math: 800

"I came to The Princeton Review in grade 11 and took reading course for the Old SAT. Later, I also took another course for the New SAT. I got a lot advice from the teacher. At first, I was a student with poor reading skills; but by following his advice and a lot of practice, I aced this exam! Keep practicing and don't give up. In your every endeavor reflect the end."


Wipawee Treeanusorn (Jai)
Wattana Wittaya Academy
Course: SAT

SAT Score: 980 / 1600
Reading & Writing: 430 | Math: 550

College Acceptance:
Mae Fah Luang University - BBA in Aviation Business Management

"I took the SAT course at The Princeton Review Thailand in March for my official SAT test in May. My score increased 100 points in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section. Then I repeated the course in August for the SAT test in October. This time, I got 50 points more in Math section :)"


Natcha Tanaviboonsate (Pang)
The American School of Bangkok
Course: SAT

SAT Score: 1200 / 1600
Reading & Writing: 620 | Math: 580

“Pang” is our returning student who retook the SAT Strategy Course with The Princeton Review Thailand under our Guarantee of Satisfaction policy by paying only 25% of the regular course registration fee.”


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