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Get Into College .... About the SAT Subject TestsTM

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SAT Subject Tests are an hour long and consist entirely of multiple-choice questions. Subject tests are designed to test a student's grasp of a specific academic subject. They are sometimes considered more difficult that the regular SAT, but that is a misconception. They are simply more specific. Most students that take SAT Subject Tests have a strong grasp of the material being covered, and as such, do quite well on the exam. There are less tricks and traps on the Subject Tests, as they tend to test content and knowledge instead of principles and reading comprehension.Why Take Them?

Most selective colleges require one to three SAT Subject Tests. Any student that is interested in a top-ranked program will probably have to take SAT Subject tests. Please review your list of target schools (for an idea on how to get a list of target schools, check out the [LINK] Roadmap to College)!

The Princeton Review Difference

Study with us

Princeton Review Thailand has several option for preparing you for your subject test. Several times a year we will offer (link) Subject Test Courses. If the times are not convenient, or if you wish to prepare for a subject we do not have a course running, you can sign up for (link) a subject test tutorial. For more information, read below:

Classroom SAT Subject Test Courses

SAT Subject Test courses are available in multiple subject areas: Math Level 1, Math Level 2, Physics, and U.S. History. 

What's in it for You

All of our SAT Subject Test courses are limited to 15 students in order to create an intimate learning environment that is more conducive to mastering the material.

  • Subject-specific manual
  • 2 full-length subject-specific practice tests

How We Teach

Each SAT Subject Test course covers concepts tested on the specific SAT Subject Tests. Proven test-taking techniques and focused lessons provide you with the skills to beat any SAT Subject Test. 

We Back it Up

We spend millions of dollars studying the SAT Subject Tests, developing materials and training teachers to teach the SAT Subject Test courses. Some would even say we're “SAT Subject Test Nerds,” although we prefer the term “SAT Subject Test Experts.”


Question Types

Exclusively multiple-choice. Some language tests involve a listening component. Find more info below about what each test covers.

 More About Each Test


The Biology Subject Test assesses your understanding of general biology at the college preparatory level, your recall and comprehension of the major concepts of biology, and your ability to apply the principles learned to solve specific problems in biology.


The Chemistry Subject Test measures your ability to organize and interpret results obtained by observation and experimentation. The test also assesses your aptitude for drawing conclusions and/or making inferences using experimental data, including data presented in graphic and/or tabular form.


The Physics Subject Test measures your ability to solve specific problems with the application of physical principles. The test also assesses your understanding of simple algebraic, trigonometric, and graphical relationships, the concepts of ratio and proportion, and how to apply these concepts to physics problems.

U.S. History

The United States History Subject Test assesses your familiarity with historical concepts, cause-and-effect relationships, geography, and other data necessary for interpreting and understanding major historical developments in U.S. History.

World History

The World History Subject Test measures your understanding of key developments in global history, your use of basic historical techniques and terminology, and your aptitude for the critical analysis and interpretation of documented events.


Tests how well you can read and interpret literature. Questions focus on issues of theme, argument, tone, etc.

Math Level 1

Tests: Algebra, geometry, basic trigonometry, Algebraic functions, elementary statistics, logic, elementary number theory, and arithmetic and geometric sequences.

Math Level 2
Tests: Algebra, three-dimensional and coordinate geometry, Trigonometry, functions, probability, permutations, combinations, logic, proofs, elementary number theory, sequences, and limits. Foreign Languages 

Tests a student's reading ability in a specific language. "Language with Listening" tests examine reading and listening skills.

How Are They Scored?

One score per test, scale of 200-800.

How Long Are They?

One hour per test.

How To Register

Visit www.collegeboard.com

When Should You Take Them?

You can take an SAT Subject Test at any point in your high school career. Many take math Subject Tests in the fall of their senior year. Other tests, like sciences and languages, should be taken right after finishing related subjects in school. For example, if you know your University will require a science SAT Subject test, you should take SAT Subject – Biology directly after your high school biology class, regardless of the year you take it.

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