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Private Tutoring

Our tutors are experts at creating customized tutoring lessons that motivate, engage, and inspire. As a result, our students see immediate and impressive score improvements on their SAT Subject Tests.
We take pride in the careful planning that goes into selecting the right tutor for each student. If you're not satisfied with the tutor we choose, we'll gladly find a replacement at no additional charge.

Our SAT Subject Tests Private Tutoring programs feature:
    • Up to 15 hours of targeted, one-on-one instruction 
    • Fully updated course manuals and workbooks
    • Full-length practice tests

We offer SAT Subject Tests Private Tutoring for the following subjects
    • SAT Subject Test Literature 
    • SAT Subject Test Math Level 1 
    • SAT Subject Test Math Level 2 
    • SAT Subject Test U.S History 
    • SAT Subject Test World History 
    • SAT Subject Test Biology E/M (not yet, but soon) 
    • SAT Subject Test Chemistry (not yet, but soon) 
    • SAT Subject Test Physics

We can customize a tutoring plan based on your specific needs
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