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Get Into Grad School .... Pathways To MBA

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What you need to consider:
  • GPA
  • GMAT
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Interview Preparation
  • Work Experience
  • Recommendations
  • Entrance Essays

Get a Good GPA

  • MBA programs are competitive. You will need a strong undergraduate GPA in order to show the MBA admissions committee that you are capable to succeeding in a highly competitive academic environment.
  • MBA programs are NOT strictly academic, however. You must show that you can earn a good GPA while also being a team player, a leader and an effective multi-tasker. A low GPA will show the MBA committee that you may not have what it takes to succeed in the program.


Nail your GMAT

  • A high GMAT score will not guarantee acceptance, but a very low GMAT score may guarantee rejection from most schools. You must prepare for your GMAT enough to score within the average for your target school.
  • A good GMAT score is one that will get you into the school of your choice.
  • Proper preparation is key! Most students that apply for MBA programs will earn a very good GMAT score. In order to prepare, you need to know your target score, contact Princeton Review, and take your time to get a good score.

Get Involved in Extra Curricular Activities

  • Applying to MBA programs requires more than great grades. You also need to think about extracurricular activities. Typical students spend so much time worrying about GPA that they ignore the differentiating factors of their personal lives and their college applications.
  • Successful people do many things, but they do not do too many things. Admissions officers want students that are involved in a few extracurricular activities throughout their entire high school career. In addition, they want to see that you start as a beginner and end as a leader. Leadership in a few activities is much more positive for your application that pseudo-membership in many activities.

Interview Time

  • All top ranked MBA programs will require an interview. The interview is your time to represent yourself as someone perfect for the program.
  • You must take the interview very seriously. You will not just be tested on your communication skill, but also how well you know the program you are applying to. You will be asked simple questions, such as “Why MBA at XYZ University ?”, “Explain your work history,” and “What is your greatest accomplishment?” But you will also be asked increasingly difficult questions, questions that you will have to fully prepare before going to the interview, such as “What is your greatest weakness?” and “What, specifically, about our program will help your long-term plans?”
  • You must prepare your interview questions specifically for each school.


Gain that Work Experience

  • Relevant work experience is incredibly important for most MBA programs.
  • There are exceptions, that is, programs that allow you to enroll without work experience. But those are exceptions, not norms. You must assume that you will need 2-5 years of solid work experience.
  • Solid Work Experience means that you work for a good company, in a good role, and that you succeed. Success can be measured with promotions, pay increases, transfers, awards or just general pleasure with your job.
  • You must provide something unique to the MBA program that you are applying to. If you own your own restaurant, work in a spa, or do telecommunications for an engineering firm, you will be fine as long you as you your job well, with passion and with success. As long as you can explain your duties, challenges and successes, you will be able to present a strong picture of who you are as a business person and how you solve programs.


  • All programs will requite letters of recommendation. The single most important factor when choosing someone to write your recommendation is how well they know you.
  • A recommendation must be from a professional that you have close ties with: ideally your boss will write a good recommendation. It is integral that you get along with your supervisor.


  • Your admissions essay may be the single most important factor to your MBA admission chances. Your essay is your chance to explain who you are, what you want to do, and how they will help you achieve that goal. It is your chance to explain poor grades, to expand on work or life experience, and to make your case for admissions. You absolutely must spend a lot of time preparing your essay.
  • Having instructors, counselors and private companies read through your essays is the best way to get constant feedback. Your essay must explain why you are the best candidate for admittance without being brazen or arrogant. You must walk the tightrope between talking yourself up and being humble. This is a very difficult task, but one worth taking the time and effort necessary to succeed.
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